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Small Business SEO

SOHO Digital is dedicated to providing valuable and unique digital marketing solutions for customers and business partners. Our focus is to provide small business SEO combined with an unmatched experience. We use industry-leading quality standards and unforgettable customer service.

The goal for us is to become the industry leader in all things digital marketing whilst creating strong business relationships with our customers and partners alike.

About Us

The team we have put together has varied skillsets and an understanding of the intent to provide the absolute highest quality standards for our customers. Our approach is both collaborative and consultative. By providing our small business SEO services, we are looking at your ROI.  The ROI for you in your business is how we gauge our success.

We will also take the time to design small business SEO services specifically for your niche. We listen to your goals, keeping them foremost in the plans while we execute your requirements.  We will analyse your industry and competitors in combination with your unique business. Lastly, we love creating unique, niched digital marketing campaigns that result in feasible and tangible success.

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    “I was so glad I decided to work with this group of professionals. They changed my business and helped me target the RIGHT customers. I know my business but I didn’t have the time to learn the details of effective digital marketing. They went above and beyond to help me and understand my business. I would be glad to highly recommend them to anyone invested in raising their digital marketing game.”


    Ben P.

    “This group sets the bar for friendliness, professionalism and results. I was a little skeptical but they took the time to walk me through the entire process and reveal areas of opportunity for my business. Over the long term, the results have spoken for themselves. I have so happy I made the decision to work with them. They are the best in the business”

    Tracey A.


    “You will find many marketing companies out there but none quite like SOHO Digital. These guys are digital marketing experts. To help their clients raise their level, they invest time in learning each of their businesses and how the conventional or traditional methods of marketing they use. They then transform the clients business to align that same message but within a digital interface. I am incredibly grateful for SOHO Digital and look forward to working with them in the future again.” Ivana N.

    Our Services

    Today we are seeing a change in the area of business delivery services like never before. Technology is advancing at a record pace. Digitisation has taken over in most industries and niches. Small business SEO is vitally important in keeping up with big-budget marketing efforts. Economies are becoming more globalised while politics remain uncertain. All this creates a plethora of noise for your business while threatening the sustainable, conventional model of driving internet traffic and therefore customer sales. There is record competition like never seen before! Succeeding in this rapidly advancing market requires affordable small business SEO services.  This, combined with a solid digital marketing strategy is what SOHO Digital specialises in producing to meet your goals.

    Lead Generation

    Traditionally businesses would rely on word of mouth to produce leads, which depending on closing ability, hopefully, translates into sales. This doesn't happen as often anymore as the low-cost entry of competition entered the market. This was also the time where there were few advertising channels combined with a minimal amount of companies actually advertising. This allowed companies who did advertise using newspapers, billboards, radio, television or magazines, to achieve success as a result of these ads. In today’s marketplace, everyone is vying for the attention of customers and your small business SEO efforts are on a level playing field with the bigger companies.  Small businesses cannot compete with national businesses with large budgets blasting millions of dollars into advertising. This is where SOHO Digital can assist with your lead generation as our services are aimed at your enterprise.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    How often do you think of a brand, product, service or even a question and find yourself going straight to the Google website? Google interprets the keyphrase you search for and delivers the best results on the internet to your browser.  Lots of clear, quality content ensures your business is aligned with effective search engine optimisation. Your website is paramount to your digital marketing campaign. Our team of industry-leading digital marketers ensure your individual campaigns are created for alignment on each chosen search engine. We make sure to focus small business SEO into targeted campaigns as opposed to conventional, ineffective broad stroke campaigns.

    Website Audits

    A website audit is the first part of our effective and results-oriented full-service digital marketing strategy. We work with our customers in diagnosing their branded websites by conducting a thorough audit of its current state. With well-known agency software, we are able to quickly and appropriately diagnose the full scope of your business website. We will provide you a detailed report regarding its current performance with metrics and recommendations to amend.  Small business SEO relies on a solid first audit to identify those areas requiring resolution.  We have been fortunate to perform audits on thousands of local and nationwide businesses.  We help small business owners realise that a website for your business is just the start.  At SOHO Digital we uncover areas of opportunity that may not be obvious to the eye.

    Digital Marketing

    Changes in technology and digitisation have had a profound impact on consumers and the behavior of customers shopping habits. People are not buying things in the same way they used to. That is why it is imperative to understand the alignment of your product, service, brand with your marketing efforts. To grow and retain your market share in a competitive industry, your customer must be communicated to in a clear and concise way that relates to them. Monitoring campaigns to success and measuring digital marketing efforts by conversion rates is the way to go.  At SOHO Digital small business SEO and digital marketing is our bread and butter. We guide you to be less concerned about what position on a page your website resides. Instead we ask you to measure our effectiveness by the volume increase of customers to your site and the user experience.

    Reputation Management

    Social media plays a huge role in the success of businesses today, having the means to engage your customers directly, on their territory is an aspect of service that cannot be ignored. With the right training, assistance and coaching, you have the means through Marketing 4 ReZults to have an effective social media platform in which to promote your business, and to retain the engagement of your current and future clients in an effective way.

    Custom Videos For Your Website

    We design and produce high-quality marketing videos for your business. We have all the equipment and technology necessary to provide your company with advanced and effective videos. Our digital marketing video experts will brand your videos to suit your needs to meet an express purpose. As part of our small business SEO service we will frame whatever message you are attempting to communicate using best practice. Our team will provide industry expertise within your budget to capture your niche solution professionally.

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    The truth is, it is hard for small businesses to compete with larger budget businesses and keep pace with new marketing methods. The expertise required to provide thoughtful, effective and professional small business SEO takes time and commitment. We specialise in cost-effective marketing campaigns to provide an acceptable return on your investment.  Our team provides industry-leading expertise within a focused channel to support our clients. This gives our clients the ability to obtain more enquiries and close customers at each stage of their particular service or product lifecycle.